The area of Croatian Adriatic coast still remains unpolluted, when compared to other European destinations.

For that very reason, it is rich in various aromatic herbs with medical properties, for instance, lavander, sage, rosemary, bay leaves etc. Next to large amounts of medicinal herbs, this region also cultivates olive plantations, carob tree, pomegranade, tangerine, lemon, orange, etc.


Dalmatian sage tea collected from the foot hills of Biokovo Nature park is an excellent tea with medical properties, for example in treating respiratory organs.

Lavender is commonly used for the lavender oil production. The lavender oil is most noted for its medical properties, and it is widely used for medical treatments. Having mild properties, it can be applied without doctor's recommendation.  It's usage is versatile.  The oil is used in the cosmetics and perfume industry, for refreshing  living space and relaxing. The lavender herb is used, of course, for decorative purposes and lately it is present in the culinary dishes.

Rosemary and bay leaf are very popular aromatic culinary herbs represented in the Dalmatian cousine, they add exquisit taste and quality to dishes.

Olives produce extra virgin olive-oil which serves as a dressing, dish ingredient, but also as a remedy for digestive disorders.

Carob tree flour is made for baking cakes with a unique flavour. The carob is also added into liquers for aroma.

Pomergranade, a nutritious fruit rich in antioxidants, has always been regarded as a symbol of health, fertility and eternal life. Extremely popular are pomegranade juice, seeds and oil.

Not to mention, the Adriatic sea is rich in nutritious fish and seafood we offer to our guests, including quality sheep and goat cheese selection served together with local finest prosciutto and olive selection.