Introductory note

ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. is a tourist agency with headquarter in Promajna, deals with the mediation and execution of reservations on behalf of the owner and in this way provides the guest with accommodation service.

1. Applications and contracting

Guest accommodation booking provided by ADRIA RIVA d.o.o., can be made by telephone or via Internet through the website of ADRIA RIVA d.o.o.  travel agency. To make a reservation, guest fully accepts these Terms of reservation that had previously carefully studied. ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. by e-mail sends to the guest the offer for the booked reservation. When booking, in order to confirm the reservation of the chosen accommodation guest according to the submitted offer pays 30% of the price (in advance), unless otherwise specified in the offer. The difference to the full price according to the offer should be paid no later than 30 days before the start of the accommodation unless otherwise stated in the offer.

2. Price and Discounts

The accommodation price includes (unless stated otherwise): accommodation, bedclothes, final cleaning, parking place, use of the complete contents within the accommodation facility, water, electricity, gas, air conditioning, tax. The price of accommodation does not include: tourist tax, insurance and registration, specified the guest is required to pay on the spot. For stays shorter than 3 days, the price increases by 30-40% depending on the accommodation facility. Possible discounts are quoted in a special item in the offer that is delivered to the guest after the reservation has been made.

3. Categorization and description of services

Accommodation units offered on the ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. web site are described according to the official categorization of the competent institution. Food, accommodation standards and other services are different according to the places where the accommodation unit is located and are not comparable.
The guest accommodation service in the accommodation unit (Check in) is from 14:00 and on the day of arrival in the accommodation unit and on the day of leave until 10:00. Arrival after 18:00 is required to be announced in advance, unless otherwise indicated. Pets are dependent on the permission of the accommodation and must be agreed in advance, there is a possible surcharge on the spot.

The guest is placed in a clean and neatly arranged accommodation unit, the same leaves with the return of key of the accommodation unit, after the employee of ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. checks the accommodation unit and ascertains that there is no damage.

5. The right of the Agency on changes and cancellations

In the event of any exceptional circumstances that cannot be avoided or remedied during the holiday or before the start of the holiday, ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. has the right to cancel or change the booked accommodation.
ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. will give a maximum effort in order with the approval of the guest and with the help of the owner of the accommodation facility find an adequate replacement accommodation. The offered accommodation should be of the same or higher category according to the price of accommodation according to which the guest confirmed the reservation.

6. The guest's right to change and cancel

If a guest wishes to cancel or change the reservation, shall in writing (e-mail) notify ADRIA RIVA d.o.o.
If the guest cancels the confirmed accommodation booking, ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. will calculate of the total amount according to the offer:

- up to 40 days prior the commencement of use of the service will return 80% of the total amount of the delivered offer
- 39 to 30 days prior to commencement of use of the service will return 50% of the total amount of the delivered offer
- 29 to 0 prior to commencement of use of the service, we keep the entire amount according to the delivered offer

7. Obligations of the Agency and the Owner

ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. is obliged to take care of the execution of the services as well as the choice of the owner of the accommodation unit with the care of a good businessman and to care about the rights and interests of the guest in accordance with good practices in tourism. The owner of the accommodation facility is obliged to provide the guest with all rented services and for that reason conforms to the guest due to possible non-performance of the rented services. ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. and the owner of the facility shall exclude any liability in case of change or failure to perform services caused by force majeure.

8. Obligations of guests

Guest is obliged:

- make sure to fulfill personally all the conditions stipulated by the regulations of the Republic of Croatia,
- abide by the house rules in accommodation facilities,

- cooperate with the owner of the accommodation facility and with ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. in good intention,
- fully compensate the owner of the accommodation for any damage done to the accommodation unit.
In case of non-compliance, the customer will bear the responsibility and costs incurred by such irresponsible behavior at the reception desk or on spot.

9. Complaints

- The guest has the right to request a certain fee for the unperformed services that he had paid for, except for last minute booking and discounted bookings.
- The guest must submit a written complaint.
-  If the guest is not satisfied with the accommodation, upon arrival he should inform immediately ADRIA RIVA d.o.o, respectively, immediately bring the complaint to the owner of the facility. If the service provided by the owner of the accommodation unit is unsatisfactory, ie the claim is justified, ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. will do everything that the guest receives an acceptable solution, ie, ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. in cooperation with the owner of the accommodation facility will find alternative accommodation that will not be of lower value.
- In case the guest leaves the accommodation unit for any other reason and finds another accommodation, and the owner in cooperation with ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. does not give the opportunity to solve the possible problem, the guest has no right to file a written complaint or the right to a refund.

- A written complaint the guest is required to submit within 8 days after returning from the journey. If a guest makes a written complaint after that deadline, such a complaint ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. will not take into consideration.
In addition to the written complaint, the guest must also enclose the signed confirmation of the owner of the accommodation facility, from which it is clearly possible to see what problem/situation has occurred.
- ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. undertakes to make a written decision on this complaint within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint and may postpone the decision on the complaint for the additional 14 days for the collection of the information. Until the decision takes, at most 14 or 28 days after the complaint, the guest can not involve any other person, the arbitration by UHPA or other institutions, as well as providing information to the media. Likewise, in this time, the guest waives the right to sue.

10. Jurisdiction of the Court

A guest and ADRIA RIVA d.o.o. will endeavor to resolve the dispute agreeably. In the case of a legal proceeding, the court in Split is competent.